About the Hawaii Program

Covendis has built a comprehensive suite of customizable solutions that allow us to make it easier for our Clients to work with their Suppliers. Our Managed Service Programs are designed to help companies save time and money. 

Obtaining Services

If you are looking to engage in IT Staffing Services, Covendis offers comprehensive and personalized Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs and Vendor Management Solutions (VMS). The Covendis MSP program accommodates unique and evolving business requirements by maintaining a process that is standardized but flexible. This helps us enable clients to meet their cost saving, transparency and efficiency goals.

If you would like to obtain services, select "Get Started" below and fill out the form, or “Learn More” for additional information about our program or help getting started. 

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Providing Services

Vendors that provide temporary staffing in the Information Technology category are ideal candidates to provide services under the State of Hawaii's statewide contract with Covendis. Vendors who are selected to participate in the Covendis Vendor Network are also eligible to participate in Covendis' other government contracts provided they meet each program's specific requirements. 

Please select "Learn More" to learn more about joining the Covendis Vendor Network. If your company would like to join the State of Hawaii network, please select "Get Started."

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Contract Information

AA Covendis NASPO 14PSX0338.pdf

Contract Metrics & Key Performance Data

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